Louise Walker


After attending Wimbledon School of Art, Louise spent forty years in the film and television industry as a costume designer,
working all over the world, on such diverse productions as Benny Hill to Agatha Christie, the Rocky Horror Show, and beyond.
With some of the greatest actors of our time. Louise has turned her talents to the world of watercolour, botanical works and fantasy
botanical images, a mixture of the botanical and the insect world. Louise has been strongly influenced by Robert Mapplethorpe and
Edward Weston. A firm believer in the holistic side of life, she is fascinated at how the botanical world echoes life in every other sphere.
The images, to Louise, are transferable and contain multiple translations: bold, sexy and succulent. From an artistic family of architects,
artists and art dealers, it is not surprising that design and colour are an integral part of her work and life.

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